Rope Leash Lifetime Warranty

Frequently Asked Questions

I've seen a rope dog lead online or in my local pet store? Why should I buy a Cranbery rope lead instead?
Many manufacturers use organic rope woven for one purpose - to be made as cheaply as possible. They can fray faster and break much quicker, sometimes at the worst time. Our leads are made using professional braided rope were quality and longevity is key. They're also made using Oeko-tex textiles. Click here to find out more.
The colours and styles look great (why thanks!) Have you other designs or colours?
For the meantime, what you see online is what we sell. The collection does change though, so keep an eye on our Instagram for any future or further colour updates. 
The lifetime warranty. Seriously?
No, we really mean it. 99.9% of our customers are honest, hard working dog lovers. The lifetime warranty covers the leash for the lifetime duration of the dog you bought it for. Provided it hasn't been chewed up or used on a chopping block our rope leashes will last forever. Our hemp collection also has a 1 year warranty.
Can you ship to my country?
WE SHIP EVERYWHERE! The postage for mainland UK & NI is £2.95 and takes around 48-72 hours. It may require a signature. Just so nobody can pretend a monster ate it. For more info on our postage rates and terms please click here. 
I bought this for my 2 year old Dalmatian, Molly. She sniffed it, walked off and was sick in the back garden. Can I return it?
We're pretty sure that was just bad timing. But yes, if she doesn't like it or you think your life's in danger because you're now a target for jealous thieves then it can be returned (unused) within 14 days from the date of purchase.
I need something specific. Can you make it for me?
Yes, let's see if we can! Always contact us if there's something specific you need. We do bespoke designs day and daily. We can work together and get the right solution for you. We don't charge extra for this service. You'll only pay for the materials and postage, just like a normal purchase.
Do you do wholesale or have any brand  ambassador opportunites? 
The only place to buy Cranbery products are here online with us or in our highstreet partners. We don't sell on eBay or Amazon. As we are grow, we are looking for reputable retailers who love good products and have great customer service. If you fit the bill, get in touch and we'll consider a partnership.  
Finally, what if I have more questions and need to speak to someone?
Get in touch anytime. We love hearing from you guys. Just don't start by saying 'We're emailing you about a PPI claim from year 1763..... we probably won't reply Cathy, come off it.