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Hiro - The Days - Order 4


Climbing rope 

Yachtsman with snap hook 2 x £21

yachtsman with carabiner 2 x £25

rubicon with snap hook 4 x £21 

rubicon with carabiner 2 x £25

Olive Green with snap hook 7 x £21 

olive green with carabiner 2 x £25 

orange with snap hook 7 x £21

orange with carabiner 2 x £25

purple with snap hook 7 x £21 

purple with carabiner 2 x £25

Thin purple with snap hook 7 x £21

thin purple with carabiner 2 x £25 

multi colour with snap hook 2 x £21 

multi colour with carabiner 2 x £25

Hemp order

green lead 6 x £12

green Small Collar 3 x £6

green Medium Collar 3 x £6.50

red Lead 6 x £12

red Small Collar 3 x £6

red Medium Collar 3 x £6.50

blue Lead 6 x £12

blue Small Collar £6

blue Medium Collar £6.50

yellow Lead 6 x £12

yellow Small Collar 3 x £6

yellow Medium Collar 3 x £6.50

Total price for all units £1,544 + postage with tracking inside 5 days £150

Total Price £1,694

hi Hiro. Here’s your next order. Everything will be sent on the first delivery this week apart from the Olive Green and Red/burnt Orange leads - these colours will be sent separately when they arrive. 

I have made an estimate at postage based on your new hemp additions. If it is any less I shall refund you the difference in postage.

Please let me know if you’ve any questions or need new fresher labels for existing stock that might be getting dirty on your travelling expos. Happy to send more labels if needs be. 

Many thanks Hiro, I’ll speak to you soon and will have photos tomorrow! It gets dark by 4 here and it rained all day today and yesterday so we couldn’t get anything! Ekkkkkz!